Step-by-Step guide : how to paint Watercolor loose flowers on Procreate with Uproot brushes (the original Uproot package is not included)

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Step-by-Step guide : how to paint Watercolor loose flowers on Procreate with Uproot brushes (the original Uproot package is not included)

Marie Dricot
2 ratings

This pack contains (approx. 325 Mo) :

  • A guide PDF of 57 pages for Procreate 5X.
  • 5 NEW Uproot exclusive brushes.
  • A Procreate file containing the sketches of the exercises + 28 new sketches to train by yourself.
  • The colour palette used for the exercises.
The guide teaches you to :

Know 3 essential techniques to paint watercolour on Ipad with the Apple Pencil.

Paint 12 plants (eucalyptus, peony, rose...) step by step in the loose flowers style.

Know which brush to use for which plant (leaf, secondary flowers, grasses) on 3 summary sheets with 19 different designs.

Use your creations to create compositions.

Note that the working of the brushes and some gestures are random. Following the instructions will give you a similar but not totally identical result. It will be your result, unique!

In order for you to be fully satisfied with this product, please note that the techniques used to create these plants are not similar to IRL (in real life) watercolour techniques, they are specific to digital creation (use of selections, masks, colour settings).

If you bought the other course, note that the 3 techniques and 4 brushes are the same, so you will find one new brush in this course. That's why I'm offering you a 20% discount if you want to buy the other course.

Required equipment :

Procreate knowledge level required :

Knowing of each tool: The Brushes, the Smudge tool that dilutes and blends, the Eraser tool.

Knowing how to add, display, group and select layers.

Knowing the basics of the transformation, selection and Adjustment tool.

-knowing the basics of the Brush studio.

knowing how to fill a layer by moving the circle of the colour tool in a selection.

knowing the elementary tactile gestures such as undo, redo or select a colour.

Intellectual property : 

This tutorial has been created and uniquely designed by Marie Dricot for personal use only. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to sell, publish, give away, copy or redistribute any page of the course it as is or with modifications. If you have a special request, please contact me, I will gladly help you.

Licence things you may do with Uproot brushes :

You may use them to produce any personal or commercial work.

You may definitely sell products with artwork created using UPROOT brushes.

You may install these brushes on as many of YOUR OWN iOS devices running Procreate that you like.

Things you may not do with Uproot brushes :

You may not sell, give away, copy or redistribute UPROOT brushes in any way. Brushes purchased or downloaded are for your individual use only.

You may not sell, give away, copy or redistribute EDITED versions of UPROOT brushes. The grain and brush shape source images remain the copyright of UPROOT brushes.

Thank you for your visit !

I want this!

This PDF guide teaches you how to create high quality watercolour loose flowers. The exercises are done step by step, at your own tempo. Included in the pack : 5 new exclusive Uproot brushes. I also teach you how to distort the plants and give you tips to realise floral compositions.


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